Starting Again

Starting Again

Let’s try this again, shall we?

Well, it’s certainly been a while, but Slacking Off is back!

Sometime last year, the old version of this website went kaboom in a rather spectacular FUBAR that has since taught me the importance of reading through boring-looking emails very carefully.

Basically, my old Hosting Provider deflated and expected us all to manually change hosts to its new parent company. Which would’ve been fine if I’d’ve read the email properly.

What with my Day Job ™, Inspired Quill, Consulting, Mentoring, and now taking an online course about Financial Portfolio Management, I haven’t thought about prioritizing renewing this website.

But then a few weeks ago I looked in my ‘Slacking Off’ folder and found that I’ve written about 11 articles since my old site went down, and I kinda want somewhere to put them.

So here we are.

Rather than a consultancy-based website, this has evolved again into a simple blog. I’m not saying it’ll only be a blog for the rest of time, but I’m more than happy to just sit and enjoy writing without any of that ‘I should be doing XYZ’ elements. Hey, it always worked for me in the past!

The Focus

The more I think about the name ‘Slacking Off’, the more I love it. So the blog is going to be personal, but with more of a slant on personal finance and trying to ‘live the good life’…whatever that means! I’ll try to be useful as well as entertaining, and on occasion my posts may even be witty.

Consistency is Key…most of the time.

Oh, and just to let you know that I won’t necessarily be posting to any sort of formal schedule. Part of the reason I barely posted last time was because I felt constricted by the feeling of “ahh! I have to do XYZ on Thursday!”

Burnout seriously sucks. No more for me.

The New Experiment

I hope you’ll all appreciate the utter irony of an SEO Consultant not bothering to post every Thursday without fail. But because I’m a nerd, I am intrigued as to whether I can rank in Google for some key words (yet to be considered!) while having a very casual attitude to the blog (but not to the readers!)

A lot of this is still up in the air at the moment, but I’m beginning to get a clearer picture about what I actually want from this site, rather than running around trying to treat it in a way that everyone in the online Entrepreneurship space actually says.

That’s it from me for this one (ohh, a post with fewer than 500 words!)

– Sara-Jayne

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