Why Slacking Off?

What I really mean by ‘Slacking Off’

I’ve received a few comments about the somewhat incongruousness of this blog’s title being ‘Slacking Off’. After all, the subtitle ‘Time To Get Sh*t Done’ seems to gel a whole lot better with the fact I write about finance, productivity, business and the like.

The short, no-frills version:

My last name really is Slack, so I obviously think this title is hilarious. It’s a personal blog that plays on the fact that my last name means: “having or showing laziness or negligence.”, but I frequently get told that I’m ‘a machine’ for getting so much done, and people don’t understand how I’m so driven and focused.*

The longer version:

The more I think about it, the more the expression fits. By slloooowwly but surely (which, ironically, is the ‘Slack’ motto on our coat of arms) improving different areas of your life, you can cut back on whatever it is that makes you feel like stepping on a lego brick instead.

Everyone should aim to be caught ‘Slacking Off’ from the BS and painful consumerism and pointlessness that make up a good 25%+ of our activities on any given day.

There’s also something to be said for trying to make folks understand (especially Entrepreneurs!) that ‘hustle’ isn’t about busywork, or making sure that you’re constantly glued to your phone because a certain famous entrepreneur told you to spend every waking moment DMing folks on Instagram to build your audience (yes, he may have suggested that. No, it isn’t exactly what he meant.)

What does ‘Slacking Off’ mean for this blog?

I wish I could take a well-known idiom and turn it on its head to mean the opposite…but I can’t bring myself to be quite so arrogant/confident/tongue-in-cheek (delete as appropriate).

But just as clarification, here’s what this blog stands for (apart from a personal no-frills area for me to comment on pretty much any aspect of my life and tenuously link it to either Finance or Business).

  • Forgetting about all the unimportant elements of life
  • Forming habits that make us healthy and wealthy in all areas
  • Achieving more space and breathing room (literally and figuratively)

Which means:

  • Getting the important sh*t done
  • Not worrying about ridiculous things

Harder than it sounds! I would say that I’m off to a good start, but I’m only ‘Slacking Off’ (in these senses) for about 60% of my time. I’ve got a long way to go, and I hope you’ll want to take the journey with me!

Hasta pronto (see you soon),

– Sara-Jayne Slack
(Chief Slacker)

* One of my nicknames at Uni was ‘The Slackinator’…but so was ‘Captain Crumpet’, so I’m not sure the badassity of the first name was completely implied.

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  1. Haha as a fellow Slacker who is also known for ‘getting s**t done’, I absolutely love this! There must be something in the name that makes us behave in the opposite way that we’re supposed to!

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